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    June 12th, 2011OliverInterviews

    Sasha Bognibov is a Moldovan singer with an ambition to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

    He has competed for this honour the last three years – most infamously in 2008 with the song I Love The Girls Of 13 Years Old – but is yet to be selected to sing for his country.

    Sasha Bognibov is also in the band After Rehearsal.

    He's a man of few words, but then I'm a man of fewer Moldovan words. Here's what he had to say about cheese.

    What is your favourite cheese-based recipe?
    I just eat it the way it is or in salads and pizza.

    If you could only eat three types of cheese ever again, what would you pick and why?
    I would eat any qualitative type. 'Cause it must contain useful elements, vitamins, etc.

    If you had to describe your favourite cheese to an alien who had never experienced cheese before, how would you do it?
    I will speak about its use for health, will say that its colour is something close to beige and yellow, the taste and the smell reminds of milk, but it's not liquid; a meal is more complete with it.

    How much cheese do you eat a month?
    Something about 400-500 grams per month.

    In an episode of the Simpsons, Homer once ate 64 slices of cheese. How many do you reckon you could eat in one sitting?
    Probably I could eat something about 35 slices. But I never eat so much in one sitting.

    Is there a Moldovan cheese that you would recommend to people in the UK?
    Probably not. I don't think it's more special. Here in Moldova people don't remember the sorts of it as far as I know.

    Which country do you think produces the nicest cheeses?
    I heard that it's Netherlands and Switzerland if I'm not mistaken.