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    June 12th, 2011OliverInterviews

    Nicki Foxx rose to fame as part of the American girl group No Secrets in the early 2000s. Since the break up of the band Nicki – formerly known as Erin Tanner – has gone solo with singles such as Wild And Stupid, and Can't Dance With Me.

    Nicki Foxx has also found success as an actress (appearing alongside Aaron Carter in Popstar) and as a model (most recently as the Dirty Shirty Girl of the month). As with all the best popstars, Nicki is a celebrity who loves cheese.

    What's your favourite cheese and why?
    I love Velveeta cheese because it melts amazingly! Yum Yum.

    How often do you eat cheese?
    I eat it at least three times a week… oops!

    If you had to compare yourself to a cheese, which would you most be like?
    Spicy Jack would have to be it! It's spicy but not too spicy! It makes you wanting more!

    What's the strangest cheese you've ever had?
    Goat cheese… I hate it… really funky taste!

    Would you ever write a song about cheese?
    No, I'm sorry not that into it!

    Who's the biggest cheese lover you've met in the celebrity world?
    I'm not sure, sorry!

    If you were going to be stuck on a desert island for the next year and you could only eat three types of cheese while you were there, what would you pick?
    Velveeta, of course, Spicy Jack, sharp cheddar.

    Do you have a secret ingredient when you make mac and cheese?
    I always eat my mac and cheese with ketchup, I know kinda weird (laughs) …and salt and pepper!