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    June 12th, 2011OliverInterviews

    Gwenno Saunders is best known for being a member of UK band the Pipettes – the creators of one of the best songs of 2006, Pull Shapes. As well as her passion for music, Gwenno is also a big fan of cheese. The beautiful blond (above), took the time to answer a few questions about what cheese means in her life.

    As a Pipette you've had many different colours and lengths of hair, but you now seem to have settled on short and blonde. Is this because you feel this most makes your head look like a block of cheese?
    Perhaps, I mean, I absolutely LOVE the stuff so it wouldn't surprise me if it were in my subconscious.

    What is your favourite cheese? What is it about this cheese that you particularly like?
    I'd probably go for a Gorgonzola or a soft blue cheese. I love the really smelly, potent stuff these days.

    Are there any kinds of cheeses that you avoid?
    Any supermarket value mild cheddar. It's the worst thing you'll ever taste in your life.

    How many different animals' cheeses have you tried? How do they compare?
    Goat's cheese is up there in my top 5, but apart from the that and the regular cow's milk ones no other animal immediately springs to mind.

    This first thing you said to me is that you love cheese. Have you ever met someone in the music industry with a love to rival yours?
    I don't think so, it really is my favourite food. Everyone in the band loves cheese but I'm not sure that their excitement matches mine when we walk into a new venue and they've prepared a cheese board.

    Your personal MySpace page has a song about a drink. Have you ever thought about writing a song about a cheese?
    I'm sure I must have written one when I was little with my sister and my Dad, we always wrote songs about food, and traffic lights.

    After a night out you've gone to a takeaway and ordered chips and cheese. You're ravenous. Do you dig in straight away or do you wait for the cheese to melt? What do you think a psychologist would have to say about your answer?
    I wouldn't eat cheese with chips after a night out. I think it's quite important to be able to appreciate the moments when you do eat cheese, and I like to eat good cheese when I can. The only exception that I'd make is for a McDonald's cheeseburger or QPWC.

    Do any of your fans know about your love for cheese? Have any of them ever bought you some as gift?
    They might do now! I'm not sure if I'd ever want a block of cheese as a gift though, any large quantity of cheese makes me feel a little nauseous, there's a cheese shop in Victoria Station that I've never had the guts to enter as it makes me feel sick every time I walk past it. I think cheese, like anything else, is perhaps best enjoyed in moderation.