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    June 12th, 2011OliverInterviews

    I first saw these girls when they were called Kute and they supported Girls Aloud. As Electrovamp they have a tremendous song called I Don't Like The Vibe In The Vip. I never thought "Let's buy one and get one free” would be a major part of a song.

    What's your favourite kind of cheese and why?
    Tammy- I love the laughing cow light triangle cheeses :P
    Kally- I Love the cheese you get on nachos at the cinema

    Does your cheese intake vary when you're on the road performing?
    T & K- Yeah We dont usually eat as much when we are on the road!

    You've recently been to Moscow, what was the cheese like in Russia?
    We didnt get to try the cheese in Russia, but hopefully we will someday

    In general, which country do you think produces the best cheese?
    France cos they do good brie

    What do you think of Welsh cheese?
    Welsh cheese is rich & creamy yumm

    What's your favourite song that has a mention of cheese?
    Our fave song about cheese is by Comedy dave & Chris Moyles haha

    Who has had the most embarrassing experience involving cheese?
    T- When i was four my parents got called into the school because i had been stealing cheese & crackers from all the pupils lunchboxes! haha

    Who eats more cheese?
    K- Me I love cheese , Tammys a bit fussy when it comes to cheese

    Who has the cheesiest smelling feet?
    T & K- eww we havent got cheesy smelly feet – we bath lol

    Who has the best cheese recipe?
    K- I can make cheese sauce!